End Gable Lapsider

The wall sections are rectangular modules that have 2 x 4 top and bottom plates connected diagonally by rigid steel T-wall or hat channel bracing. This type of support insures that the wall system has consistent support on all wall sections. The reason we fortify our walls in this manner is to avoid lateral movement or distortions of the siding that can result from high wind loading.

Side Gable Lapsider

Our vaulted wall system is the construction technique that we utilize on our Side-Gable Lapsider. Traditionally most portable buildings are built with the gable on the short dimension or end of the unit, but the Side-Gable Lapsider takes a different approach. By building the unit with the gable on the long side, we are able to create a building that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also provides higher interior eave clearance and more overall height.

End Gable Box Eave

Structurally, the End-Gable Box Eave is built the same as the End-Gable Lapsider. The only real difference is the attractive addition of a boxed overhang. Don’t be fooled into thinking this overhang is just trim parts, it is not. On all of our boxed eave models, the eave of the building is an extension of our main framing system and is just as strong and durable as any part of the overall structure.

Side Gable Box Eave

This fantastic A-frame structure is about as versatile as it gets. Built with massive vaulted walls, the Side-Gable is designed and engineered for extra overhead clearance and wide open space, not to mention durability and product value. This unit utilizes the same frame and roof system as our Side-Gable Lapsider along with the added feature of a sophisticated Box Eave that enhances the appearance and aesthetics of your building.

Lumber Jack

The massive eight foot high walls give you that super size room that you need for those oversize and awkward items that just won’t fit in your average storage building. Built to the same rigid standards as all of our buildings, the Lumberjack is designed and engineered to not only be big on storage, but to be big on uncompromising durability and product value.

Porch Model

Whether you need an area to pot plants or a playhouse for the kids, this model can provide both. Our porch models can be much more than storage; they can be an object of relaxation and function. Our porch models are available in all the various models and sizes we offer, and the porches can be made in various sizes and configurations.

Eave Truss

The Eave Truss is our premier portable building for the customer with a big appetite for storage and the desire for a structure with superior strength and durability. Sophisticated good looks and unlimited versatility make this building a natural for any storage requirements. This unit comes with 8′ clearance on all walls, and attractive boxed eave, and a roof truss system that provides a continuous bottom cord the full width of the building.

Accu-Steel Greenhouse

It does not matter if you are a professional horticulturist or a hobby grower, the Lark Accu-Steel Greenhouse was designed and engineered with your growing needs in mind. We have the size and the options to meet all of your growing demands and requirements. If productivity and efficiency are what you demand, the Lark Accu-Steel Greenhouse will deliver for you.

Accu-Steel Framing

All Lark metal buildings will have all steel frames, that includes floor joists.



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